Basic Summary

I took apart an old RC Car. Using the RC remote (pictured below) and the receiver (also pictured below), I used the forward stick to power on my computer.

Detailed Summary

When you press the power button on your computer, it creates an electrical connection. This connection then turns on the computer. I took apart the two wires connected to the power button and connected them to a transistor, all of which is contained on a breadboard (the clear grided rectangle with holes). Then, when the RC remote sends a signal to the receiver, it allows current to flow through the transistor and therefore turning on the computer.


View of all the parts inside the front case cover.

Receiver I removed from inside the RC car.

Power supply which allows the receiver to “listen” for the controllers direction to move forward (AKA turn on the computer).

Breadboard with transistor as mentioned in detailed summary.

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